Our Activity School was founded in 1998 and today there are many students learning Speech & Drama, Music, Ballet and Art etc. Apart from this, we also prepare children for local and foreign examinations such as University of West London U.K. Edexcel and Trinity.

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We pride ourselves on accessible, affordable, quality professional training, as a gateway to both higher education, and realistic employment opportunities.

With a mixture of performance work, class and workshop study and the achievement of internationally recognized qualifications students gain the necessary knowledge and confidence to embark confidently into the working world.

Why do they enjoy it?

Because we teach our skills through the exciting medium of music, drawing, drama, through a love of poetry, the use of imagination, an enjoyment of rhythm and sound, story-making, idea sharing, problem-solving and group dynamics.

We encourage each child to become a unique individual, and help them to master the skills they will need to communicate with confidence in a competitive world.

Lessons cover a wide range of communication skills and activities, combining everyday conversation.


  • Elocution 

Written English
Oral Communication
Speech and Drama
Spoken English
Verse Speaking

  • Local Examinations

Mystical Rose Oral Communication Exam
Mystical Rose Spoken English Exam
Mystical Rose Speech & Drama Exam
Mystical Rose Written Exam
Mystical Rose Verse & Prose

  • Foreign Examinations

London College of Music (LCM) - West London University, UK
Trinity - UK
Pearson Test of English (PTE) : Young Learners & General - UK
LCCI International Qualification, UK

  • Music
  • Foreign Examinations
          London College of Music (LCM) - West London University, UK

Classes are held from Pre Introductory to Diploma level.