Why Montessori Education is important for your child?
Children are natural learners. They explore the world around them by experiencing it - touching and watching the things around them. Most important, they involve themselves by experimenting with and actively participating in activities by which they learn.

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This natural joy and wonder is an integral part of the Montessori approach to learning.

We provide a prepared environment where children are guided through activities by trained teachers.
Encouraging and strengthening your child's natural love of learning

What We Offer
Our students receive a well-rounded preparation for life and school with a distinct emphasis on academic skills, respect and care for oneself and others in a multi-cultural class.

The children are encouraged to make independent choices with their work and are used to handling a large variety of materials and ideas. They learn to work solo, with a teacher, as well as in small and class-size groups. They learn to discuss problems with the idea of solving them logically and with concern for their classmates.

Montessori's vision for education of the preschool aged child has now existed for 100 years in every part of the world in a large variety of settings and continues to grow and change. The principles of the philosophy remain intact: Montessori education is for ALL children. Montessori education is a method for children to reach their own potential while understanding how it is to work and live in a school peer group. Our teachers are trained to facilitate this development by guidance and counseling aiding in the child’s early development.

Since its inception this Montessori has developed in many areas and today it has over 120 students. Here our students follow Preschool and AMI method of education and also they get the opportunity of getting involved other activities such as Water Games, Project Work, Writing, Painting, Colouring , Art & Craft.

  • The school provides a complete education for both boys and girls. The students will be provided an opportunity to develop an inquiring mind, ethical behaviour, hone their talents, stretch their physical capabilities and be emotionally strong and stable. We intend to mould our students to be citizens who are responsible and active contributors to the welfare of the nation and the world.

  • We follow the AMI method and our classes are child centered enabling total development on your child. All our programmes are based on the principle that children discover the excitement of learning when motivated, and allowed to progress at their own pace. In the Mystical Rose Montessori children develop and extend their attention span through fun-filled activities in music, drama and language