Welcome to the exciting world of Mystical Rose Performing Arts Centre!

We have something for everyone! If you love performing arts, you will find everything you will need from our courses available, to current and prospective students. We conduct classes for children from the age of three years to teenagers and also for



We enroll students from the age of three. The remainder of the school is categorized into;

Junior students –5yrs – 12yrs
Senior students –13yrs–17yrs
Adult students.

The Performing Arts programme that Mystical Rose presents is one that is tailor-made to cater to the needs of a child’s development in terms of social skills, speech, creative skills, movement skills etc..

We strongly believe that these courses have not only have had a massive impact towards the training of children, teenagers and adults, but that we have taken the initiative to introduce a very unique style and approach to acting and theatre studies.

We also pride ourselves on providing an excellent path towards overall education that helps mold the young ones towards a successful future. We strongly encourage our students to go on to specialized colleges and universities or to take up employment in the creative industries. And indeed the majority does so.

If we are devoted to the arts, we also recognize that the technology of our title is essential for a complete education. We have formidable resources, to allow students to study in sophisticated environments equivalent to a modern workplace.

Practically all our students are from leading schools in Colombo who follow Speech and Drama, Voice Training, Media Communication, Musical Theater, Presentation Skills, Acting Techniques etc.. We are proud to say that we have won many international awards during the past 10 years. The students of the Performing Arts Centre compete in “Talent Fiesta” which is a competition held all over the island each year. We also have had the possibility of providing students the opportunity to participate in workshops and training overseas.

The Performing Arts Centre combines to theatre which enables continuous development in reading, writing, communication and organizational skills. The neurological benefits of children engaging in creative practice are many; research into these benefits also point at brain development and the ability to build connections between the hemispheres assisting in creating a well-balanced individual. Students develop personality and gain confidence in them; they gain a positive attitude to learning, reading and self-expression. Students learn to express themselves through a variety of media, speech, drama, writing, art and development.

For further details please see our Courses Information Section.

What do we do in class?

  • Speech training: Relaxation, Posture, Breathing for speech, concentration, Voice production, vocal tone, articulation, vocal expression, rhythm, stress and intonation
  • Development of imaginative use of language, sound appreciation, verbal dynamics, story making, poetry and rhyme
  • Discussion skills and idea sharing
  • Speaking of verse and prose
  • Reading aloud and appreciation of literature
  • Public speaking
  • Acting
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Speaking poetry or prose
  • Mime and improvisation
  • Puppetry
  • Stage
  • Performing as a comic
  • Performing magic
  • Script-writing
  • Make-up
  • Video
  • Costume and set design
  • Puppet-making
  • New Reading
  • Choral Speaking
  • Appreciation of Literature
  • Musical Theatre

"Performing Arts Education is not about creating future artists. It's about enabling dream-
making to happen in all students."
(Horin 2008)


  • Children have an almost non- stop desire to be creative. They live in a mental space that is constantly curious, expressive, physical, at play, and engaged. The importance of nurturing this creativity is well documented and has amazing benefits.

  • A child who is exposed to and involved in the performing arts often develops a greater capacity for learning

  • Through the arts, children are encouraged to depend on themselves creatively, so they learn how to solve problems better, while developing the ability to rely on themselves to bring new ideas into the world

  • They learn to listen to their own compass; speak from their souls

  • Children participate in the performing arts they become better equipped to look at the world from many different vantage points

  • Arts also innately provide a spiritual component

  • Research shows that performing arts activities play a central role in cognitive, motor, language and social emotional development

  • Performing arts is linked to positive outcomes in school, emotional development, family life and behavior

  • Dance has a tremendous impact on the growth of every child. There is strong evidence to show that it strengthens problem solving and critical thinking skills

  • Acting and drama lessons improve intelligence and communication levels. Working with scripts helps improve reading and general knowledge skills and doing tasks such as improvisation develop imagination and self-expression

  • Exposure to singing and music allows children to easily access emotions as songs hold different feelings and can quickly change. The quick mood changes in songs help children to realise emotions are not something to be scared of and change naturally

  • Develops wide vocabulary and command of language

  • Exposure to good literature

  • Motivation to present ideas both verbally and in writing

  • Clear Speech and Pronunciation

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