Experience over the past years has shown us that there is a severe dearth of English trained teachers in the primary schools. This has resulted in a disparity of standards and the resultant lack of progress in students of the national curriculum in comparison to students of international schools.


We conduct Written Examinations in the areas of English, Environmental Studies and Mathematics around the island. We also conduct Oral Examinations namely;

  • Spoken English,
  • Oral Communication,
  • Speech & Drama and
  • Verse & Prose

Mystical Rose Written Examinations

The General English Examinations are from Level One to Twelve, Environmental Studies & Mathematics are from Level One to Five only. The Written Examinations are conducted in the months of October, November or December every year.

Mystical Rose Oral Examinations

Communication skills are essential for the successful future career of a student. What deserves more attention is that most of the students do not feel confident to make presentations and speeches. It is important to learn how to develop photo-3communication skills in a student. By infusing a healthy feeling of competition and curiosity in students, it would become possible to develop communication skills for them. The Oral Communication Examination has the Levels from Introductory to Twelve.

Mystical Rose Spoken English Examinations

Examinations in Spoken English provide a reliable and valid scheme of assessment through which learners and teachers can measure progress and development. These grades provide a continuous measure of linguistic competence. The Spoken English Examinations has level from Pre-Introductory to Level Eight.

photo-6Mystical Rose Speech & Drama Examinations
Mystical Rose Verse & Prose Examinations

These examinations contribute to the personal, social, intellectual and creative development of students, by providing a structured framework for creative expression, giving technical support and guidance for improved skills in communication and opening up avenues for the appreciation of drama, literature and poetry. The Grade Examinations syllabus encourages a process of progressive learning from an early age, with each grade signifying an increase in skill and achievement. All aspects of speech and drama performance and theory are covered in the syllabus and the Examinations represent a rigorous assessment of technique and interpretive skills.

These Examinations are designed primarily to improve proficiency in English so the language can be used confidently. Effectively and efficiently in various situations. These syllabuses are compiled by qualified experienced examiners. These practical Examinations are conducted from January to November annually.


  • photo-7ENTRIES – No substitutions will be accepted. If a candidate has entered for the examination and is unable to attend so, another candidate cannot be substituted in his or her place. The entry fee is non-refundable once the receipt is issued from the office.

  • If candidates are enrolled to the Examinations by themselves or through their parents (PRIVATE ENTRIES) are kindly requested to collect the Exam Notification, Reports and Certificates from the office, as the Institute will not be responsible to inform or deliver the above. If a candidate has achieved the mark of ‘100’, contact the office during the month of February to verify whether he/she is a prize winner.

  • Late entries received within one week after the Closing date of the Examination will cost an additional Rs. 100/- per candidate.

  • unnamedCandidates will not be allowed to take the examination without an Examination Notification. In case the Examination Notification is lost, a new Notification could be received at a cost of Rs. 50/- before the examination date.

  • If any candidate is incapable of taking the Practical examination for a valid reason (illness, government examination) and this could be supported with a letter from the relevant authorities, the candidate may request for a new date for exams free of charge.

  • If a new date is requested after the examination date(Practical examinations only), the candidate has to pay half of the entry- fee and re-enter for the examination except for the reasons stated above.

  • Re-scheduling (Practical examinations only) for any reason will not be done if the Examination Notification is not produced.

  • Written Examinations will be on the mentioned Date and Time only.

  • The name entered on the Entry Form will be printed on the Examination Notification. You are required to re-write the name on the line below if the name on the Examination Notification is incorrect, as the name on the Examination Notification will be printed on the Certificate. In case the Name has been entered incorrectly re-printing of Certificates will be at a cost of Rs.100/= per candidate.

  • Posting Results/Certificates will be at your own risk. The office will not take responsibility for lost or damaged Results or Certificates.

  • Candidates who achieve Highest Honours Marks for Practical Examinations on an island wide basis and Highest Distinction Marks for Written Examinations on Zone basis, being at the specified age group will be eligible for a Prize at the Annual Prize Giving.

  • Candidate needs to bring a Copy of his/ her Birth Certificate along with the Examination Notification on the day of exam. If not, the candidate will not become a Prize Winner even he/she has achieved the highest Mark for Practical / Written Examinations.

  • RESULTS - In any dispute concerning the Results of any examination, the decision of Mystical Rose International Institute shall be final.


We have many books in circulation at present which cater to different educational needs of students. These books are used as core text books in many schools across the island.